Christchurch Airport is the primary gateway to the South Island, connected by major international airlines and consistently rated by an independent international quarterly travellers’ survey as the best airport in Australia and New Zealand.


Accessing Christchurch from any direction is easy. If you want the latest road conditions, you can find them on the NZTA Journeys website or by calling 0800 44 44 49.


A major repair programme on State Highway One means it does close from time to time. Make sure you get the very latest information on its conditions (at least two hours before you travel) from the NZTA Journeys website or by calling 0800 44 44 49.


Driving is a great way to experience all New Zealand has to offer. But driving in New Zealand is unlike driving in other countries. DriveSafe has all you need to know about New Zealand’s road rules and etiquette.

If you are from overseas you can test your knowledge of New Zealand’s road rules here.

Tourist & Visitor Driving Theory Quiz

Are you coming to New Zealand for a holiday, work or study and hiring a car, motorbike or camper van? These 66 questions are the essential Road Code rules you need to know to help keen yourself safe on NZ's roads.